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Making Sure the Real Father is on Your Child’s Birth Record Using DNA Paternity Testing

Mothers who do not know who the biological father of their child is fall into many different groups. Some are unconcerned with who the father is preferring to raise their child by themselves, while some are desperate to find out who their child’s real father is. No matter which situation describes you best, it is very important to your child to have the correct father listed on their birth certificate.If your child has the correct father listed on their birth certificate they have a much better chance of being financially taken care of. The biological father of a child has certain responsibilities to that child and one of the main responsibilities is monthly child support. The cost of raising a child is high and the U.S. Department of Agriculture has estimated the cost of raising a child from birth to age 18 is almost $200,000! Not only do you have the day-to-day costs of food, education, clothing, and housing but your child also needs to have health insurance. If your job does not offer you health insurance or does not offer family health insurance the father of your child may be required to either provide health insurance or help you with the cost of private insurance.Additionally, your child will have the benefit of having access to a complete medical record of both of their parents. Certain diseases are hereditary and knowing whether or not a child’s father is at risk for different diseases and conditions can help you and your child’s doctors take the preventative steps necessary to keep your child healthy. Once the biological father is established you can ask him for a complete medical history or bring him to your child’s doctor appointment to make sure your child has their own complete medical record.Beyond just child support payments establishing paternity has other financial benefits for your child. If the father of your child becomes disabled or otherwise unable to work he may receive Social Security benefits-benefits your child is partially entitled to in order to help with the costs of growing up. Furthermore if your child is ever listed in a will on their father’s side of the family paternity will need to be established for your child to have access to that money.If you’re ready to find out the biological father of your child start looking into a DNA test! You may either have the potential father(s) of your child take an at-home DNA test, which is private and not admissible in court, or they can take a legal DNA test which allows the results of the DNA test to be entered into court as evidence. If you are fairly sure who the biological father is it could be in your best interest to first take an at-home DNA test. Once that test confirms who the biological father is you can have him take a legal DNA test to give your child access to child support, give you the ability to have the birth certificate changed and
provide your child with the other benefits of established paternity.Now that you know how important it is for the real father to be listed on your child’s birth certificate you can make the choice to get a paternity DNA test. Once you have the father of your child established you will open up a world of opportunity to your child!