Making Sure the Real Father is on Your Child’s Birth Record Using DNA Paternity Testing

Mothers who do not know who the biological father of their child is fall into many different groups. Some are unconcerned with who the father is preferring to raise their child by themselves, while some are desperate to find out who their child’s real father is. No matter which situation describes you best, it is very important to your child to have the correct father listed on their birth certificate.If your child has the correct father listed on their birth certificate they have a much better chance of being financially taken care of. The biological father of a child has certain responsibilities to that child and one of the main responsibilities is monthly child support. The cost of raising a child is high and the U.S. Department of Agriculture has estimated the cost of raising a child from birth to age 18 is almost $200,000! Not only do you have the day-to-day costs of food, education, clothing, and housing but your child also needs to have health insurance. If your job does not offer you health insurance or does not offer family health insurance the father of your child may be required to either provide health insurance or help you with the cost of private insurance.Additionally, your child will have the benefit of having access to a complete medical record of both of their parents. Certain diseases are hereditary and knowing whether or not a child’s father is at risk for different diseases and conditions can help you and your child’s doctors take the preventative steps necessary to keep your child healthy. Once the biological father is established you can ask him for a complete medical history or bring him to your child’s doctor appointment to make sure your child has their own complete medical record.Beyond just child support payments establishing paternity has other financial benefits for your child. If the father of your child becomes disabled or otherwise unable to work he may receive Social Security benefits-benefits your child is partially entitled to in order to help with the costs of growing up. Furthermore if your child is ever listed in a will on their father’s side of the family paternity will need to be established for your child to have access to that money.If you’re ready to find out the biological father of your child start looking into a DNA test! You may either have the potential father(s) of your child take an at-home DNA test, which is private and not admissible in court, or they can take a legal DNA test which allows the results of the DNA test to be entered into court as evidence. If you are fairly sure who the biological father is it could be in your best interest to first take an at-home DNA test. Once that test confirms who the biological father is you can have him take a legal DNA test to give your child access to child support, give you the ability to have the birth certificate changed and
provide your child with the other benefits of established paternity.Now that you know how important it is for the real father to be listed on your child’s birth certificate you can make the choice to get a paternity DNA test. Once you have the father of your child established you will open up a world of opportunity to your child!

DIY Back Taxes Relief: Do You Really Need a Tax Attorney for Back Taxes Help?

Are you dealing with owed back taxes? Not sure if you can resolve the issue yourself or if you need to pay a tax attorney? Here’s some basic advice regarding back tax help.When you owe back taxes, it can feel like you’re trapped between a rock and a hard place. But there are a variety of solutions for working through your state or IRS back taxes. If you’ve decided that enough is enough and it’s time to resolve your back tax problems, good for you!Perhaps the first decision you’ll need to make is whether or not to hire a tax attorney to guide you through the back taxes help process. Working with a tax attorney isn’t strictly necessary, as much of the information and many of the forms required for negotiations with the tax authorities are available online. However, handling back taxes problems isn’t entirely straightforward, and having a professional with insider knowledge of the tax system may be to your advantage.Typically, if your tax situation is relatively straightforward, you’ll be able to settle your tax debts with the IRS on your own without any additional complications. For example, applying for an installment agreement can be done on the Internet in many cases. For other situations, like applying for an offer in compromise or innocent spouse relief, the advisability of attempting your IRS taxes resolution yourself is a little fuzzier. If you have clear-cut, overwhelming evidence of tax liability or collectability doubts, your case will probably be approved. However, if the circumstances are a little gray or you’re not certain what type of evidence is acceptable to the IRS, you might want to start asking some questions. Contacting the Internal Revenue Service directly, visiting their Web site (at ), or making inquiries of your area tax attorneys should provide clarification.On the other hand, when your tax debt problems are large, complex, or immediate, the assistance of a qualified tax lawyer or accountant in your area may be recommended. Especially for situations in which you need to come to a settlement with the IRS within days, such as when you have a bank levy on your accounts, the in-depth knowledge of a tax professional can help you navigate the tax system faster and provide you with more efficient, effective outcomes.Regardless of whether you work with a tax lawyer or you pursue back tax resolution on your own, taking active steps toward resolving your taxes is the only way to get your finances in order. The process may be stressful, but at the end, you’ll be free of the burden of tax debt and ready to live your life stress-free once again. So don’t dillydally any longer.

Abundance and Prosperity – Giving Great Meaning to Your Life

To allow abundance and prosperity flowing freely, you must learn how to value your life and the people around you. Positive energies must be always at work for one to become successful in manifesting their desires and living the life of their dreams. How do you see your life now? Do you see yourself as someone pitiful or do you take pride in all of your achievements no matter how big or small they are?All of us are created equal and we must always keep in mind why we are here – to live a joyful, abundant, and prosperous life. Now some people might say that times are hard and it’s getting harder and harder each day to live a worry-free and happy life. I tell this now, if that is what they believe, that is what they are going to experience.Your Beliefs Play a Big RoleBeliefs play a big role in attracting abundance and prosperity. To quote Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, either way you are right.” The Law of Attraction states that you have or become what you think about most of the time. So if what you think about most of the time is that times are tough and people are rough, you are actually attracting people, situations, and events in your reality that will further strengthen your belief that things are getting worse.So to create a worry-free life, a life filled with abundance and prosperity, you must always be aware of your thoughts and your emotions. As I’ve said, positive energies must be always at work. Do away from negative emotions and self-limiting beliefs. Instead, start affirming that you have the ability to create your own reality and that you choose to live a peaceful, worry-free, abundant, and prosperous life.The longer you affirm this and the stronger your belief about your ability to attract abundance and prosperity is, the faster the physical manifestations of your thoughts shall come to you. Start being responsible about your life experiences. Every event and every people you associate yourself with, you have attracted them all through your thoughts. Your thoughts and emotions are very powerful. They define what you are going to get and become.Change Your Thoughts and the World Around You Shall Change as WellChanging your thoughts drastically from something really negative to something that is far different is not done overnight. You will have to undergo a ‘warm-up’ for you to be able to change your thoughts and your beliefs. To do this, I suggest that you start a morning ritual, a daytime ritual or whatever time of the day you feel comfortable doing a ‘warm-up’ for a few minutes.In each session, you will have to meditate and release negative emotions out of your system. Affirmations can be very helpful as well. For example, if your belief is that ‘the times are tough,’ you can start by affirming that “No matter how tough the obstacles in front of me are, I believe that I have the ability to turn things into my advantage.” Think of something a bit better than what you were previously thinking and make sure that it is believable and that you believe in that affirmation 100 percent.Life is meant to be enjoyable. Give great meaning to your life and what you are capable of and start making abundance and prosperity flow into your life like an endless stream.

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